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And You Are Not Like Me

Here is where the application can be found. Make sure you fill it out completely and wait to be accepted. It shouldn't take long to be accepted so you can begin roleplaying!
Iris Finished by iris
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Here is where all the accepted lives are kept and stored
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All wanted ads can be posted here if you need a specific character for a plot or otherwise.
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Forbidden Zone

A large canyon, much like the grand canyon, that stretches through the mountainous regions. It's actually deeper than the grand canyon and a bit more wider. There are caves and other crevice's here that can be perfect hiding places for things. Enter here if you dare.
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These woods were burned to a cinder. All that remains are charred tree stumps and a few trees but no leaves remain behind. The ground is singed and there is a strange odor that seems to haunt this place. Many refuse to come here on account of fear but if you're brave enough....
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This ridge line is infested with rattlesnakes. Walking along here is treacherous and dangerous. You can basically take your life into your hands walking along here. There is a small water source, but it's contaminated. So stopping for a water break can be fatal...literally.
Turn Around {LENA} by lena
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This swamp has sinkholes, quicksand and some area's methane gas is seeping through the ground. Be careful when entering this area. Make sure you know which areas are safe and which aren't. You might not make it out.
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This area was once flourishing with families. Now, there are nothing but shells of homes, candy store's, grocery stores and other buildings. there are even empty shells of cars, vans and other motor vehicles. some of the homes are intact, while others are in not so good condition. the asphalt is covered in debris and sand.
Come and get me boys (open) by rungnir
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Pack Lands

The Renegades are led by EMBER. The Renegades only welcome pox-positives to join their pack or even enter their territory, and any non-infected canines that enter will be forced to leave unless they were asked there by the alpha. This pack wishes to give a safe home to any infected canine and will help them even if they are not going to join. Their territory is made up of an old storage warehouse and the surrounding parking lot and streets.
The Renegades [PACK GUIDE] by Ember
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This pack worships the ancient Aztec god Xolotl. They are basically a cult and are extremely secretive. They aren't against sacrifices either. Their members are the only ones that know the location of their headquarters. They do not take kindly to trespassers either and will often make any one who dares to cross their land without permission a slave. Do you share their beliefs? Their leader is ATZI
Call my name (citlalli) by Deleted
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This pack is run by BOOMER. They are a pack of slight troublemakers but they do know their limits. They will take anyone of any species regardless of their background. They do not like the Urbex pack and strive to make sure that canines that are seeking a home have a place to call their own. They never turn their backs on anyone.
Meeting the alpha (open) by Deleted
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auds 150+ with name and description of your back
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This is the sole pack of the world. They are ruled by JESTER. They are ruthless and vile and will do anything to get what their want. They often take prisoners to make them do their bidding. Some are infected with the parasite, while others are normal dogs. Beware of this pack.
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Post a 150+word audition for this land. Include title, description and alpha name.
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Zone A

This was once a extremely powerful military base. Now most of the buildings have collapsed but there are some old hangars. This section is heavily infected with the fallout from the asteroid. The area is also extremely cold and there are particles of ice
Swinging {LILAC} by Deleted
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This hospital was once the cities main trauma unit. Now the building sits abandoned and decrepit. Vines are taking over the building and most of the glass has been blown out. A few sections of the building have started to collapse.
Leave me alone (open) by Jeb
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An old outdoor train station. The tracks run in both directions cutting through some thick vegetation. There are some old trains still parked there as well as some locomotives. There are stairs leading up to the elevated station. some parts of the tracks have been destroyed due to flooding but there is mostly dirt and sand covering this place.
Live wire {opened} by Roux
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This is a section that there is lush green vegetation and small ponds of water. Large conifer trees surround this area--however, don't let its pristine appearance fool you. The ponds are ridden with disease and bacteria and the grass is poisonous due to the fallout from the radiation. If you eat or drink here, you will certainly meet your doom.
Death Wish (nova) by Deleted
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This car factory had once been the center of the city's bustling industrial area. Now it's no more. Sand, time, elements and weather had eroded much of the machines and cars inside.
Tomb of Cogs (Silver) by Silver
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A peaceful place for packs, and pack members to come and trade their resources. This place encourages inter-pack trading as well as members from different packs can come here and just mingle and not have conflict. this grove is thriving and lush, the only known area that has plant life, trees and large conifer trees. the grove sits at the base of a pair of snow capped mountains.
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This is an area that was once a park. There are a few trees that are here as well as some grassy areas. Some of spots where the sidewalks were have been overtaken by nature now and bits of weeds are poking through the cracks. This area is for females to gather here without the fear of males. Young pups are also welcomed here. There are still benches and other buildings here.
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A large beach that resides on the eastern side. The sand is still beautiful and a tawny color. There is an old plane wreck down the northern side that was blown there from the airport from the force of impact.
Sand Beanth my Paws (open) by Deleted
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What was once a mighty bridge connecting one land mass to the next, now sits, decaying and broken. The middle of the bridge is broken, leaving a large gap between the two pieces that were once whole. Cable lines hang down now, and rust have mostly overrun the paint and metal. The water below is nothing more than a dusty sand pile.
breathe [open] by Brook
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Nothing but sand here. It covers mostly the entire planet and most of the cities. There are even some cities that are buried underneath it. There is not water here nor any kind of shade or place to escape the sweltering heat during the summer months.
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A once large and thriving mall. Now it sits partially in ruins and some of the ceiling is coming down in places. but inside there are still several stores and a large fountain in the center of it. most of the dust had blown inside now.
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This is a large marina that was once busy with fishing boats and tourist boats. Now the boats just sit tied to the piers. There are several docks which extend out into the bay. There are even a few boat houses.
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